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  • Festa Quarteira 2012

  • Etudes of Salzburg 2017

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2012 aliejus, drob? 50x80 cm

          In his works the artist Vladas Tranelis tries to synthesize various means of artistic expression creating an integral aesthetic expanse. The author’s works are distinguished for their decorative image, which like a veil exquisitely covers the man’s emotional world. There are no realistic views in the artist’s pictures. Inner sights, sometimes sights from aside arise colourful mirages and mesmerise spectators by their suggestibility and magic power. All these visions show the author’s philosophical attitude towards the world and express his efforts to embody an ideal of nostalgic and spiritual beauty. It is obvious that the author is attentive to the classical tradition of painting. His works have been influeced by the West European mannerism, baroque, romanticism, surrealism and the secession of the XX century.

          Sometimes the autor’s characters are emphatically real, sometimes they are from the world af imagination or simply become theatrical puppets disintegrating into separate elements in the space. A semi abstract vision expanse, which often becomes a labyrinth of swags and ornaments, often prospers with stylized and realistic figures. The author adores the motive of a lonely woman. It can be perceived literally and also as a symbol of the human soul or the world of visions. Furthermore, it can become an allegory of various states of human mind and attitudes. The author opens up a lyrically stylized world of magic visions, where visual methapors, faces, ornate wear, accessories vary kaleidoscopically. Exactly these features and the pecularities of ornamentic details make the author’s works close to secession at the beginning of the XX century.

          The artist is concerned about eternal matters. Sometimes he tries to find answers using simple, understanding means of artistic expression, some other times he uses complicated aesthetic and allegoric means of art. The compositions of the author’s works frequently hold signs of clear semantic meaning. The artist strives to unite the form and its symbolic meaning, he gives preference to the emotion – a universal intuition, linking us with universe and the sourse of beauty.

Algis Uždavinys


Philosophy Ph.D, art critic

Solo exhibitions    ♦    Painting

2019 June – October. Painting exhibition „Fragments”. Prienai municipality. Prienai, Lithuania.

2017 June. Painting exhibition „Visions”. Alytus College. Alytus, Lithuania.

2017 April – May.  Painting exhibition „Fragments”. Center of culture and leisure. Prienai, Lithuania.

2015 September – October.  Painting exhibition „Fragments”. Palace of the Court of Justice of the European Union, Luxembourg.

2001 June.  Painting exhibition. Prienai regional museum. Prienai, Lithuania.

1997 April.  Painting exhibition. Art gallery „Slenkstis”. Kaunas, Lithuania.

1995 August.  Painting exhibition. Cinema „Dzūkija”. Varėna, Lithuania.

1985 May.  Painting exhibition. House of culture. Prienai, Lithuania.

1980 May.  Painting exhibition. Palace of culture. Birštonas, Lithuania.

Group exhibitions    ♦    Painting

2021 September. Art exhibition „Telethon D’Art”. City hall, Bacqueville (Bacqueville en Caux), France.

2017 February – March.  Art exhibition. Center of culture and leisure. Prienai, Lithuania.

2014 March.  Festival of Migration, Cultures and Cititizenship. Exhibition and Congress Center LUXEXPO, Luxembourg.

2013 February – March.  Art exhibition. Center of Culture and Leisure. Prienai, Lithuania.

2012 September.  Autumn salon of painting and sculpture „Le Telethon D’Art”. Mayor’s office. Bacqueville (La Municipal de Bacqueville en Caux), France.

2012 August.  VI-th Art Salon Ac3a. The exhibition „Art’s en Liberte”. Saint-Martin (Saint-Martin en Campagne), France.

2012 May.  Exhibition of Contemporary and Traditional Art „Visions”. Lauren van Voss gallery „Atr’s 17th”. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2012 February – March.  Art exhibition. Center of Culture and Leisure. Prienai, Lithuania.

2011 October – November.  7th Exhibition of Paintings and Sculptures. Inner Wheel Dieppe. Trade and Industry Chamber. Dieppe, France.

2011 July.  V-th Art Salon Ac3a. The „Exhibition Without Frontiers”. Saint-Martin (Saint-Martin en Campagne), France.

2011 January.  Art exhibition „Land of Meanders of Nemunas river”. Lithuanian Embassy. Warsaw, Poland.

2009 December.  Art exhibition „Miniatures play”. Art gallery „Kauno langas”. Kaunas, Lithuania.

2008 October.  Art exhibition „All about Woman…” Art gallery „Kauno langas”. Kaunas Lithuania.

2006 December.  Art exhibition „Angel’s”. Art gallery „Kauno langas”. Kaunas, Lithuania.

1998 May.  Art exhibition „Stop Time”. Art gallery „Art Peters House”. Hamburg, Germany.

1988 November.  Painting exhibition. House of culture. Prienai, Lithuania.

1984 February.  Painting exhibition. House of culture. Prienai, Lithuania.

Group exhibitions    ♦    Photography

2024 February. Art exhibition. Creators of the Prienai region. Center of Culture and Leisure, Prienai. Lithuania.

2018 June. Photography exhibition „Reflections of the Alps”. Center of Culture and Leisure, Prienai.Lithuania.

2017 February – March.  Photography exhibition „Labyrinth Adršpach”. Visitor centre of Nemunas loops regional park. Prienai, Lithuania.

2016 June – September.  Photography exhibition „Žvilgsniai” („Glances”). Family clinic „Vita Simplex”. Prienai, Lithuania.

2016 March – April. Photography exhibition „Žvilgsniai” („Glances”). Visitor centre of Nemunas loops regional park. Prienai, Lithuania.

2012 March – April. Photography exhibition”Déjà vu”. Educational and cultural services center. Kaišiadorys, Lithuania.

2011 October. Photography exhibition „Déjà vu”. Prienai Municipality. Prienai, Lithuania.


2011 December. Cover of the book „Book of joy of the Life”, by A. Bijaminienė and E. Petrevičė. Design „Studio4”. Publishing house „Naujasis lankas”. 2011. Kaunas, Lithuania.

2004 November. Illustrations for book „Scool of Life, by J. Palionis. Design R. Ramonienė. Publishing house „Trys žvaigždutės” . 2004 Vilnius, Lithuania.


2010 December. Charity auction „Newborn well-being – our future”. LUHS Neonatology clinic. Kaunas,  Lithuania.